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What's Trending?... iPhone 5; Mile-High Condoms; Google's Self-Driving Car; Zombie Olympics; Morgan Freeman; George Clooney; Britney; Rihanna; Black Tie Beach


If you haven't had time to read the news this week, don't worry.

From Nicki Minaj, George Clooney and Morgan Freeman to Durex condoms, Swarovski crystals and sexy restrooms, we've got your back. 

Here's is your quick list of what's trending in Glittarazziland this week!


  • Hang 5: Apple shows off its new, fancy iPhone 5 (finally) and the iTouch got an upgrade. Is it going to boost the economy? [story 1] [story 2]
  • Mile-High Club: Passengers' mouths dropped open during this Durex promotion by Polish flight attendants. [video]
  • Face The Music: iTunes gets an upgrade with v11 of the Apple media player. [story]
  • Watch It: This @Brookstone HDMI Pocket Projector is the cat's meow (in our honest opinion). [tweet]
  • Backseat Driver: How much will one of Google's not-so-hot-looking compact cars cost? More than a Ferrari. [story]
  • Raising The Bar: Chicago couple asks Bill Murray to bartend their wedding via a website. [story]


  • Daddy-O: The UK went a little cray cray when Prince William said he wants two kids. [story]
  • Dead Man Walking?: No, Morgan Freeman is not dead! [story]
  • Man Hunt: George Clooney says he and Stacy Keibler are still together -- despite rumors. [story]
  • Mean Girl: Is it possible that Britney Spears is even more blunt than Simon Cowell? [story]
  • Talk Dirty To Me: "Morgan Freeman" narrates "Fifty Shades Of Grey." Well, sort of. [story
  • RiRi: As soon as Rihanna announced her new #DiamondsWorldTour, Team @Glittarazzi hit the mall to sniff her scent. [tweet] [story]


  • Soup Kitchen: Have you snagged your Andy Warhol-inspired Campbell's soup yet? [story]
  • Good Sports: The Washington Nationals' rookies get hazed ... in leotards. [story]
  • Go To The Bathroom: Ever been in a restroom that was so amazeballs you wanted to tell the world? Now you can. [story]
  • Crystal Ballin': Virgin Atlantic gifted five lucky fliers with $4,000 Swarovski crystal-encrusted eye masks. [story]
  • Put In A Good Word: Readers May Now Submit Favorite Terms To Collins Dictionary [story]
  • Breath Of Fresh Air: Emirates boosts the economy (to the tune of $200 million) as it launches Washington, D.C., flight service. [story]


  • Playing Politics: Sorry, GOPers! Nicki Minaj did not endorse Mitt Romney. [story]
  • Drink Up: The White House released its Honey Ale recipes and all the beer drinkers went wild. [story]
  • Uphill Battle: This week, Prince Harry's probably happy he partied it up in Vegas -- 'cause now he's running from the Taliban. [story]
  • Get On Your Bike: Veep Joe Biden cozied up with bikers at Ohio pizza joint. [story]
  • Swag Report: Obama-Biden campaign outsells Romney-Ryan in merchandise. [story]
  • Bear Hug: Have you ever seen a POTUS get picked up like this? [story]

Oh, and in case you were wondering the root of the stank that freaked Los Angeles folks out ... it's been discovered.



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