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'Grindr' Report: iPhone App Crashes Trying To Handle Gay, Olympic Booty Calls

grindr 2012 07 2012

Grindr, the app responsible for the resignation of former Puerto Rican Senator Roberto Arango, is now causing some ruckus over in jolly old London.

The app -- which helps gay men to find potential gay "hookup buddies" in their vicinity -- crashed as athletes began arriving in London for the Olympics.

It's not yet clear whether the people causing the crash were the athletes themselves, or the tourists hitting up London to watch the games. (But, we're guessing it was probably a combination of both.)

So, if you're in London, gearing up to watch the games, you might want to do a quick app download -- who knows, maybe you'll find at least one Olympian looking for a good time.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Grindr has a less-popular, heterosexual version called "Blendr." We wonder if Blendr activity will spike in London, too, as people get in the party spirit? Learn more about the app, here.



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