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Lady Gaga To Launch Via Backplane (Her New Startup)


Lady Gaga has proven time and time again that she is more than just a performer.

The woman runs a creative team (Haus of Gaga), has actively supported charities -- such as Oxfam and the Born This Way Charity.

Now, she's one of the forces behind a new social media startup.

The startup, "Backplane," will allow users to collaborate with each other on creative work, such as artwork. is the first website to be powered by Backplane's technology, and you can easily request an invite to join in to get a little gaga for Gaga.

Potential uses for Backplane also involve community building around activism. So, you could easily start a philanthropic project and get people from around the globe to help out and brainstorm with a Backplane platform.

Pop + power = We love it!

lady gaga_backplane_2012_0120

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