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Is Paris Hilton The Next Deadmau5? All Signs Point To A Big ... Probably Not

paris hilton dj 2012 06 25

We're sure everyone's been wondering what Paris Hilton is up to these days.

The answer may surprise you.

Paris just made her debut as a DJ (yeah, that's right) in Brazil and, from watching the videos (below), it doesn't look like she was actually doing much with the turntables. Plus, a tech had to come out and help her when she played her new single, "Last Night" (photo, above).

Oh, Paris. Maybe you should just stick to your day job of being ridiculously rich and partying with celebs.

Although, we must say, we're definitely digging her diamond-encrusted headphones.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... What other projects does Paris have in the works? She's been working on her new electro-pop album with Snoop Dogg and LMFAO. Read all about it, here.


VIDEO: Paris Hilton - DJ Set (live)

VIDEO: Paris Hilton - Last Night (new song)

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