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Vegas Magician Penn Jillette's Red Nail Polish Has A Heartwarming Meaning


If you’ve ever looked at the left ring finger of Penn Jillette, the "larger, louder more than ½ (by weight)" of the Vegas mainstay Penn & Teller (eccentric magicians with a psychotic twist), you might have noticed something a little ... different.

The 6’7” actor and recent "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant paints the one fingernail red, the same finger on which he wears his father’s ring.
He’s told this story before, of course, but people keep pestering him about it.
"People asking about my red fingernail. It's for my mom. I wear my dad's ring and my mom's nail polish. It reminds me of them. Momma's boy," he tweeted Monday.
But is that the whole truth? Might the “jelly apple red” nail polish hold some supernatural staying powers for the legendary duo in the cutthroat world of showbiz?

Penn’s children have decidedly superhero names as well, which can only mean one thing: five-year-old Zolten Penn and six-year-old Moxie CrimeFighter are set to inherit their father’s abilities one day.

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