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This Seat's Taken: Obama Tweets Chair Pic In Response To Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech


Twitterland kept us up late last night as it went wild -- shortly after Clint Eastwood's monologue with an empty chair on the Republican National Convention stage.

But, political tweeps weren't tweeting about the speech.

The Twittersphere was abuzz about a photo that the Obama team tweeted in response to Clint's speech. It featured Barack in his chair and said, "This seat's taken." The same photo also went viral on Facebook when the Obama team posted it with the same text (this time, placed upon it).

Did the POTUS just tell Clint to go ahead and make his day ... in a very funny way?

Yeah, we think he did.

Photo: Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech - Aug. 30, 2012


Video: Clint Eastwood's RNC Speech - Aug. 30, 2012


Tweet: Barack Obama - "This Seat's Taken"

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Shocker: Pippa Middleton Pens A Guide To Entertaining (Think Partying)

pippa middleton 2012 08 30

The only things better than British royal couple Kate and Will are their utterly scandalous younger siblings.

Last week, it was Prince Harry getting in trouble for showing off the family jewels.

And, now, it's Pippa's turn to take the spotlight!

Kate Middleton's sister -- who has previously gotten knocked by the media for her unruly behavior -- is now publishing a book about entertaining guests.

While it sounds wholesome (the book's title is "Celebrate: A Year of Festivities for Family and Friends"), we all know about the wild child that lurks within this Middleton sister.

(And, we're kind of hoping that wildness shows up on the pages of the new book, due out in October!)

DiD yOu KnOw? ... There's a lesser-known family member of Kate's who's also making a splash in the media. Read all about Katrina Darling, Kate's burlesque-dancing cousin, right here.


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Paul Ryan’s Speech Gets Slammed By Almost Everyone - Including A Fox News Columnist


Newly-minted Veep Candidate Paul Ryan’s convention speech took a beating from the mainstream media -- including the allegedly conservatively biased organization, Fox News.

The “Fair and Balanced” network's column by Sally Kohn was surprisingly blunt, listing all the points he either lied about or failed to mention -- like how he blamed Obama for the shut down of a GM plant in Wisconsin, which was actually closed under the George W. Bush Administration.

It also says that a lot of his own votes contradict what he says about cutting the deficit.

Does this mean he’s been taking too many cues from Papa Bear Bill O’Reilly?


Video: "Paparazzi" by Lady Gaga

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Will This Impress McKayla Maroney?: White House To Honor Olympic Athletes

olympians 2012 8 30

We hope this will actually impress Gymnast McKayla Maroney!

The White House will host a reception -- honoring American Olympic athletes -- next month.

The announcement, which was released on Wednesday, came with very few details other than the President and the First Lady would open up the White House to the athletes on Sept. 14.

Of course, the President has already congratulated a few of this year's Olympic stars in less formal ways -- such as a phone call to the women's gymnastic team and a tweet to Michael Phelps. (But, who's counting?)

Some may be wondering why it took so long after the close of the games for the White House to put something together. The answer: the reception will also honor Paralympic athletes, whose games kicked off the same day as the announcement.

(Yeah, you feel like a jerk now, dontcha?). McKayla is not impressed with you.  


Video: McKayla Maroney - "That Don't Impress Me Much"

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See also: McKayla meme pics at "mckayla is not impressed"

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Here's How Gay Sex Causes Hurricanes

steve colbert hurricane 2012 08 29

Hurricane Isaac has made landfall and is wreaking havoc across New Orleans -- just in time for Hurricane Katrina's seventh anniversary.

In case you forgot ... televangelist Pat Robertson famously declared in 2005 that New Orleans was hit so hard by Katrina because its people were living in sin.

So, of course, Stephen Colbert decided to anticipate any comments about Isaac at the GOP convention by explaining, meteorologically, just how being sinful can cause hurricanes.

Just how can gay sex cause natural disasters?

According to Stephen:

  • the steam from hot gay sex causes clouds to form;
  • this makes the angels cry;
  • the angels' tears hit the Earth as massive precipatation;
  • this, my friends, causes the hurricane.

So, it's only fair to say that Hurricane Isaac was caused by some men "gaying it up extra-hard somewhere."

Really, though, our paraphrased version hardly does justice to Stephen's graphic-enhanced explanation so, you should watch this video [right here].

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Not only does Pat Robertson disagree with homosexuality, he also thinks that the Democratic Party is "out of (its) mind" by supporting gay marriage. Read all about his recent comments, here.

Video: Pat Robertson's weird view on gay marriage

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POTUS Obama Gets ‘Glam,’ Lands Interview In Top Fashion Magazine


He has done late night, comedy and "The View."

Now, it’s on to fashion.

Yes, folks, this week, POTUS sat down for a second interview with "Glamour" magazine (the first was as a candidate in 2008).

Now, despite the fact that we doubt the president is a subscriber to the pop-culture mag, we assume that the young, female voters (who do subscribe) lured him back. Women have been quite a force in the attack-ad game as of late.

But, how about a collabo with Justin Bieber next, Mr. Prez? "As Long As You Vote For Me."

Video: Justin Bieber - "As Long As You Love Me"

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Twitter Report: Donald Trump Tweets Smack To Arianna Huffington

donald trump 2012 08 28

Donald Trump pulled a very ungentlemanly move on the Twittersphere this week.

The development mogul went on an angry rant against Huffington Post Founder Arianna Huffington, saying that she's "unattractive both inside and out" and that her former husband made the right move when he "left her for a man."

Meanwhile, Arianna is staying classy by not rising to his taunts.

In response to comments from the haters, Donald explained that he didn't think his comments were "harsh."

In case you forgot the definition of that word, Donald, we'll definitely have to redirect you towards

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Donald's rep claims that his anger stems from certain articles written about him on the Huffington Post, including one in which he was called "Donald Grump." Hilariously enough, Donald's moment of fame on the popular children's show "Sesame Street" happened during a parody in which a Grouch called "Donald Grump" was looking for an apprenticeto help sort out his trash. LOL!


donald trump tweet 2012 08 28


Video: Stephanie Tanner - "How Rude!" 

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Meet Ron Paul: Father, Grandfather, Candidate For POTUS & Party Animal!


What's happening at the RNC this week?

Well, that depends on who you ask. 

If asked, Ron Paul supporters would tell you some fun stories about their wild delegate party Sunday night (about 10,000 people came out to play). But, Mitt Romney fans? Not so much.

Check out this video that shows Ron's packed shindig [00:01-0:32] and Mitt's party, which had about 20 people [00:33-01:39].

We now have a new nickname for Ron and it's "The Party Maestro!"

Teach us your partying ways, Mr. Paul!  


Video: Ron Paul vs. Mitt Romney

Photo: Ron Paul's delegate party - 08/26/12


Photo: Mitt Romney's delegate party - 08/27/12

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Mitt Romney's Practice Debate Will Guest Star Sen. Rob Portman ... As POTUS Obama

Rob Portman 2012 8 28

The name Rob Portman may sound kind of familiar to you.

He's the junior senator representing the state of Ohio -- and was once in the running as Mitt Romney's Veep pick (long before Mitt tapped Paul Ryan).

But Rob's real calling in life is acting – specifically playing the role of POTUS Barack Obama.

You see, presidential candidates prepare for the nationally televised debates by practicing with mock debates, often using other prominent politicos acting as their counterparts. The Obama campaign got Sen. John Kerry to play Mitt for its debate prep and, recently, Republican insiders have revealed that Rob will impersonate Barack in an effort to help Mitt.

But, don't get too excited -- this isn't the first time Rob has portrayed POTUS. He was John McCain's faux-Barack back in the 2008 election as well.

So, we're left wondering why Rob keeps getting these gigs? Is it because he's such a good thespian? Or, is because he does such a believable impression of President Obama?

We may never know.

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Veep Biden: Is He Poised To Put The ‘Joe’ In ‘Joementum’ For 2016?


Who cares about 2012? Vice President Joe Biden is more concerned with 2016 -- when Big Boss Man Barack Obama will officially retire from the political game.

Or, so says Noam Scheiber in his article, “Joementum,” in the September issue of "The New Republic." Apparently Joe thinks he’s the people’s choice for the next election, excluding monumental figure Hillary Clinton.

If he did make the run for the title, what should his campaign slogan be ... ?

“Biden 2016: This is a big f***ing deal!"


Video: DJ Khaled - "All I Do Is Win"

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Ladies: Bored At The GOP Convention? Get Your Hair & Nails Did!

women pavilion 2012 08 27

The YG Network has decided to give GOP women (who are bored at the national convention) the option to get a little girly.

They've opened a "Woman Up!" pavilion for hair and makeup touch-ups, because, well, nothing says "girly" more than an on-site salon.

A ThinkProgress reporter asked whether they were also offering a male equivalent to the salon -- to which a salon rep responded, "Real men know how to Woman Up!" We suppose this means they'll either be joining the ladies at the salon or the GOP is growing warmer towards the transvestite demographic.

Either way, we'd love to see who will "Woman Up!" this week.

Send pics to @glittarazzi ... or, it didn't happen, folks.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Want to get a Republican-style manicure? Consider getting extra-long French tips! Michele Bachmann likes hers squared off.

Video: Amanda Lepore - Nails Done

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Capitol Hill Confidential: Writer Compiles Anonymous Staffer Interviews For Book

capitolhill 2012 8 24

Watch out Congress, a writer is coming for your secrets.

Paul Thacker is a former Senate staffer and journalist who recently got a fellowship at Harvard University's Edmond J. Safra Center for Ethics.

And, just how is he using the money? To write a book based on 100 interviews with anonymous Capitol-Hill staffers, all focused on what life is really like behind closed doors at the legislative branch.

Paul’s talking to everyone from the lowliest aides to chiefs of staff, trying to figure out what behaviors have made so many Americans hate Congress. And, with 50 interviews already done, the picture isn’t looking too pretty. According to Paul, the staffers with which he’s already talked depict an institution in chaos with no real leadership and nobody knowing just what they’re doing -- especially the House members.

But, don’t go running to Barnes & Noble just yet, the book won't hit shelves until late next year.

Until then, have some popcorn ready. This. Could. Get. Messy. 

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Terrifying Tumblr Alert: 'Little Face Mitt' Romney Is Coming For You

mitt romney 2012 08 23

We're not sure why "Little Face Mitt" came into being, but we're creepily fascinated and can't seem to look away.

The latest thing to hit Tumblr is "Unsettling Pictures Of Mitt Romney With A Very Tiny Face," and we have to agree, we are definitely unsettled. But, we're also laughing uncontrollably, because, well, anyone looks funny when their normal face is replaced with a tiny face.

We don't think we'll ever understand it, but we'll definitely keep scrolling through!

Check out "Little Face Mitt," here.

DiD yOu KnOw? ... Need more Mitt Romney Tumblrs? Check out "Mitt Romney Does William Shakespeare," right here.

Video: Daft Punk - "Face To Face"

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