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Fired CEO Denis Abrams: Warren Buffet Fired Me, But Not For Bermuda Boat Trip

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A little while ago we wrote about Denis Abrams, who is the former CEO of Benjamin Moore Paints.

You see, Denis was fired by the owner of the company that owned his company -- a.k.a. legendary investor Warren Buffett.

At the time, the scuttlebutt was that Warren had fired Denis because he'd used the company dime to fly himself and a bunch of other execs to Bermuda, where they spent some time on a yacht ... which we found hilarious.

Well, there seems to be a new twist in the story.

Denis got a letter from Warren last week explaining that he didn't fire him for the Bermuda boat debacle after all, in fact he didn't even know about it until he read about it in the papers afterwards. No, Warren assured Denis, you were fired for incompetence.

The best part of this story is that Denis has hired a PR firm to contact various publicans and blogs to try and get them to print retractions for covering the Bermuda boat story. They even emailed us (see below)!

Look Denis, we get it. You're looking for a new job and potential employers who Google you keep reading about how you boosted your numbers by raising prices and laying people off while freezing pay -- and then, you celebrated by taking your exec team to Bermuda. But, emailing everyone to explain that you were fired because of "a difference in strategy" just reminds people that you were fired.

Seriously, you just gave us material for another post about you that tells the whole story over again.



VIDEO DEDICATION: The Bartender Song (Because We Bet This Is How Denis Feels Right About Now)

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