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Sen. Chuck Grassley’s Twitter Typos Are Making Him An Overnight Social-Media Celeb


There are a lot of reasons that you should know the name Chuck Grassley.

He’s the senior senator from Iowa (we actually met him when we were there last summer) and has served in Congress for nearly 40 years. He’s also the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee and the top-ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee.

But, lately it seems that Chuck has best been known for his Twitter account. Though the Senator has been on Twitter for a while, he’s been getting a lot of press recently about his huge following on the mirco-blogging site.

Some of it has to do with Chuck’s no-holds approach to social media.

He created a bit of a dust-up over the weekend when he called President Obama “Stupid” in a tweet. He also frequently complains that the History Channel doesn’t have any shows about history. 

But, for the most part it’s Chuck’s punctuation and grammar (or lack thereof), along with his mind-bending abbreviations that seem to draw so many of his followers. It’s a mix of political discourse, random spacing, and a lot of errors.  (One of Chuck’s recent most re-tweeted items was simply “P”.)

It’s a style that makes the near octogenarian’s tweets seem like those of a middle-school student. But, we love it.

And in a recent interview, Chuck attributed his chaotic online writing style to a couple different reasons. Telling a reporter: “I suppose a lot has to do with the automatic correcting done by my iPhone. Second, I love tweeting, but I don’t like to type. So, I probably type and hit send a little too quickly.”

Hey Chuck, thanks for making all of us who work hard at maintaining our Twitter presence feel so bad. 

And, keep up the good work! 

Photo: Glittarazzi's Ali (left) and Kelly Ann flank Sen. Chuck Grassley at the Iowa State Fair








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