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Your Tax Dollars At Work: $2M On Coffee Enemas, Lemon Cures & Massage Therapy [REPORT]

sour lemons-2011-12-19

We're all about wellness and alternative medicine, but we're not all about wasteful spending.

Sure, it would be nice to explore lemon-scent cures and the benefits of massage for people with cancer -- but not when our economy is taking a nosedive into the danger zone.

Recent reports reveal that the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine, which is a part of the federally-funded National Institutes of Health, has spent almost $1.5 billion since its 1991 launch to learn more about skeptical treatments, such as:

  • Coffee enemas will not aid in pancreatic cancer treatment ($406,000)
  • Sniffing the scent of lemon will not help to heal external cuts and wounds ($374,000)
  • People with cancer feel better after a nice massage ($1,250,000)
  • Prayer from afar will not cure AIDS ($600,000)

We're totally against this wasteful spending like this ... unless, of course, there is a $2,000,000 government grant for retail therapy for tired bloggers?

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