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Hello There, Mr. Trump!: The Donald's 'Time To Get Tough' Is #Winning [BOOKS]


We heard The Donald had a new book.

So, you know we hopped the first Amtrak Acela to NYC to grab a few and to get his John Hancock.

"Time To Get Tough: Making America #1 Again," which is dedicated to his parents, is the plan for getting the USA back on track -- from taxing China to puting OPEC out of business.

It's got some great content, but we have to say that our favorite part of the book is the front flap, which begins with: "President Obama has been a disaster for America." (It made us LOL, right in the middle of Trump Tower.)

Thank you, Mr. Trump for doing what you do best ... kicking some a$$. 

Buy it: "Time To Get Tough" by Donald J. Trump 

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