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Washington Caps' Mike Green: Off The Ice, But Still In The Game


We were kind of confused when we first saw NHLer Mike Green tweeting during a Washington Capitals vs. Ottawa Senators game.

Then, we realized he wasn't on the ice -- he was at home, in the gym and on his Mac -- on medical leave, watching the game and cheering on his teammates.

Now, we don't understand the phrases he was tweeting (think "penalty kill," "tootsie roll" and "break the pickle"). But, we assume it's all good, sports-related and a sign that Coach Hunter will put Mike back on the ice ASAP.

After all, what social media geek in his or her right mind is going to watch the rest of the team play IRL ... when they can just tune into the WWW and watch @greenlife52 live tweet?

P.S. The Caps won.




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