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Could Wikipedia Update Frequency Predict Mitt Romney's VP Pick?


It's the question that's on everyone's minds: who will Mitt Romney tap as his running mate?

And while the campaign would prefer you to download its smartphone app to find out who will be Mitt's VP, there might just be a way to figure it out before anyone else ... via Wikipedia.

OK, well not Wikipedia, exactly, but rather the edits made to entries for possible candidates.

It seems that during the 2008 election, just before it was announced that they'd be joining their party's campaigns, VP candidates Joe Biden and Sarah Palin both received massive updates and changes to their pages on the crowd-sourced online encyclopedia. Going by that precedent, some political news theorists believe they can predict who Mitt will pick based on which of the possible candidates has the most recent changes to his or her Wikipedia entry.

So, who's had the most changes recently?

According to our last count, which only considered actual updates (and an already compiled number of edits since the start of the month), Paul Ryan leads the Wikipedia test.

Paul Ryan? We could have told you that!

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