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'¡Ajua!': Mitt Romney’s Mexican Heritage Has A Voice ... On Twitter



Twitter has done a lot for the American public.

It makes it easier for celebrities to slip unwise comments past their publicists. It also reduces the day’s news down to 140 characters or less for the A.D.D. masses. And, it makes the campaign game a little less mind-numbing.

Case en pointe: Mexican Mitt -- a Twitter feed in homage to Republican Presidential Contender Mitt Romney’s Mexican heritage, which he doesn’t often discuss.

Here are some of our favorite tweets:

  • "AS A MEXI-MORMON I CANNOT PROMOTE DRUG USE. But I do have a bowl of UTAH GOLD waiting for me back at the RANCHO! Ajua! #420" -- @MexicanMitt April 20
  • "HAPPY TAX DAY, POOR PEOPLES! Ha! Tricked you, it's due tomorrow, but I filed a MEXTENSION! Ajua!" -- @MexicanMitt on Tax Day
  • "I will NOT APPLAUD NEW YOBS, neither will my zillionaire congress compas! #SOTU" -- @MexicanMitt on Obama’s job creation tactics
  • "ABUELO JUST LIKED ALOT OF VIEJAS RT @washingtonpost: Mitt Romney defends family: "My dad's dad was not a polygamist."" -- @MexicanMitt on polygamy

Could Mexican Mitt actually be Mitt himself, using the guise as a way to vent a little without disabling his robotic public persona? We 100% doubt it, but this fake Twitter account seems to know what Mitt's thinking when everyone’s on real Mitt's back.

So, why wouldn't Mitt show his tax returns? Mexican Mitt knows.

"I dont have to show my tax returns to be CEO of the USA, so STFU!"

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