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Ron Paul: So Obsessed With Tracking & Reporting He Wrote Off An $1.07 iTunes Fee

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A lot of candidates pledge to be as transparent as possible with their campaign spending -- and most usually are -- but, one candidate’s campaign is far and away the most fanatical about it.

Yes, we're talking about Ron Paul.

Apparently, a recent study of Federal Election Commission filings found that Ron’s campaign is obsessive about tracking and reporting its spending. Election laws state that only purchases or expenses of $200 or more need to be disclosed, but Ron’s staff files reports about everything ... and we mean EVERYTHING.

Bank fees, candy, single cups of Starbucks coffee, gas, $1 tolls; the list goes on (and on). Though our favorite has to be the $1.07 iTunes fee that someone on the campaign wrote off as an “office supply” expense.

Ron’s anal-retentive need to document every official purchase and to record every expense is even shared by the Super PAC that supports him (through which he is not allowed to have any direct contact). "Endorse Liberty," the independent-expenditure only committee that supports Ron, only really needs to immediately file expense reports for TV ads, or when it pays for mass voter phone calls. Instead, it files ALL expenses within 48 hours of the transaction – that includes the less the $72 they spent at a seafood restaurant in February.

Honestly, this just confirms our suspicion that Ron is the “cranky old man” of the 2012 election -- because nothing says “old fogy” like pinching pennies and saving receipts. 

But, hey, we can respect it.

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